Who Can Benefit From Dog Pooper Scooper Service?  


Most people hire The  Pooper Scooper Service because they simply don’t have the time to keep up with their dogs weekly poop “production.”

Dog owners who find the chore disgusting and would much prefer to secure an affordable and convenient solution to their dog poop problem.

Dog owners whose kids often play in the same area where their dogs commonly leave their “gifts,” can really use this service. Potential health hazard.

The physically and mentally challenged who need help and would otherwise lose their dogs if not for the possibility to hire someone to clean up after them.

A family that tends to get into heated battles over whose turn it is to play “pooper scooper” each week. Our routine poop pickup service deters arguments.

You own several dogs and struggle keeping up with their poop production leaving your lawn and garden looking more brown and round than clean and green.


How Does Your Pooper Scooper Service Work?


We’ll take care of your entire garden's dog poop on a prescheduled, routine basis so you never have to scoop it ever again.

The  Pooper Scooper  will visit your home or commercial property weekly or every other week.

There are no contracts at all. Start or stop your dogs pooper scooper service with a single call or email.


We scoop all the dog poop your dogs leave behind in a professional manner and typically leave the dog poop in your bin or remove from your property.

We utilize various anti-bacteria solutions to clean our equipment. These techniques deter *potential* cross contamination.

We serve as your second pair of eyes. We’ll even fill water bowls if needed.

We will notify you if your dog’s poop contains objects they have eaten, the possible presence of worms or loose stools.


Please keep an eye on us for the first few weeks to guarantee we have not overlooked your dogs favorite poop places.


* One Time Only Cleanup: £20 + £1 Per Minute Of Actual Scooping Time

* 1st Visit Cleanings For Clients: £1 Per Minute (Over 1st 20 minutes)

* Prices are for standard backyards/gardens and do not include concrete or deck hose downs. Pricing may vary.

* Based on a standard size of no more than approx 100 ft by 50ft

*10 mile radius only 40p per mile there after


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Wootton Petz at Home's New Pooper Scooper Service

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