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Your dog will have at least either a 30 minute or 1 hour individual visit (depending on booking). This can include walking, refreshing water bowls, giving treats and grooming. All of these come with lots of fuss, attention and cuddles.

Any puddles or messes will be dealt with appropriately.

Other small jobs can be undertaken ie collecting post, bringing in milk, putting wheelie bin away/out etc, just ask.

You will need to supply a set of keys to be left with us for regular dog walks/visits.

If your usual dog walker is on holiday or for any other unforseen circumstances cannot visit, your dog will be walked by another fully insured and checked dog walker, who will know your dogs routine and have met them previously.

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation and many behaviour problems such as barking, digging, chewing etc, are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise.

It is proven that exercise and the mental stimulation that comes with it could be a cure for some of these problems.


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A great alternative to kennels.

We will look after your dog(s) overnight in one of our pet carers homes whilst you are away. You will need to provide food and bedding whilst we provide the love, care and walks

You will need to provide proof of up to date vaccinations.





Your dog can be well cared for in a loving homely environment with access to a garden area. This is operated between the hours of 8am till 6pm ( earlier/later by arrangement ).

You will need to provide proof of up to date vaccinations and supply your dogs food and bedding.


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At Wootton Petz at Home we are adamant: each owner's dogs will be walked separately, unless specifically requested by the owner to do otherwise.


We promise that our carers will not walk more than one owner's dogs at a time, unless we are asked to give a dog more socialisation or other training.

We believe walking too many dogs at a time does not give each dog the attention and exercise they need, deserve and/or want. Meeting other dogs on a walk is part of the pleasure they get from a visit from a Wootton Petz at Home carer.


Our policy doesn't mean that we won't walk one owner’s two dogs together – they are probably used to each other and will run together off the lead anyway.


For so many people, their dogs are their children, and they want them to have fun and plenty of exercise rather than being left cooped up in the home all day.


Anyway, dogs are very social animals and enjoy being with someone, so Wootton Petz at Home carers seek to give each dog as much of a treat as they can, in the absence of their loving owner. All our carers are devoted dog lovers and ensure the dogs in their charge are professionally looked after.


We DO NOT cart bunches of dogs in the back of a car or van at one time, which can mean that some animals transported in this way spend over an hour in the back of a vehicle before they reach fresh air and exercise.

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